About Us



SMARTcert began in 2008 as an independent equine massage therapy business, operating as Equi-SMART. For the first six years, Melissa Caccamo, founder, owner and operator of Equi-SMART, had a general focus to work on any category of horse, however by 2014 her services were being mainly requested by owners of horses who had incurred higher risk and even career threatening injuries.

While researching the best proven methods to rehabilitate muscular injuries and recondition horses, Melissa realized that the equine industry lacked the resources and programs to benefit a horse and return them to good health. She decided to continue her education to become the person destined to fill that gap. Melissa extended her knowledge into specialized education in equine biomechanics and exercise physiology, and developed programs that ran with great success on hundreds of horses all across Canada.

In 2017, with the demand for her services growing and expanding, Melissa incorporated a leadership development platform into her business foundation. Her vision is to empower other equine entrepreneurs to achieve greater success in their fields of interest as well.

As her clientele base grew to maximum capacity, many massage therapists from the industry were seeking mentorship and further education, so SMARTcert was born as a way to expand the reach to more horses requiring quality care.


“To empower entrepreneurs with the skills and foundation required to provide massage therapy and injury rehabilitation services at a heightened degree of standards and effectiveness”