Case Study Assignment

1 more step to your certification – you’re almost there!!!!

The case study assignment is a way to document your abilities to carry out all of the skills necessary to be an equine massage therapist – independently. Your assignment includes seeking out 5 horses to work on that we have not used in your training (and preferably horses that you are not familiar with (that you do not frequently interact with, ride, groom, or handle). You will be performing all of the steps that we have been doing together with each of these horses, and making records & recordings which will be graded, earn you your certificate, and be kept on file.

Q: Why do we keep your case study assignment?
A: This assignment is kept on file in your record, to show that you have proved yourself able to earn your certificate. Should your credentials and the value of your certificate ever be challenged in the future, we will be happy to provide your completed grading template.

See an example of a completed case study by viewing this DRIVE FOLDER.
*the components belong to a mixture of students and horses to allow you to see a variety of techniques and maintain confidentiality*