Equine Exercise Programs

SMARTcert Canada has customized many exercises for horses that have specific needs of all types and may also be at varying stages of conditioning, training, and technical skill. After putting together exercises that will suit specific goals and can accommodate the versatility of the industry, this program has been ridden through and tested by hundreds of riders all across Canada, and is now available to you.

*More programs will be available – check back in soon so you can try them all!*

SMARTcert Multidiscipline Reconditioning Program

-10 phases of exercises to fill 16 weeks of training
-ride tracker and goal trackers
-five focuses: Attention, Range of Motion, Softness, Energy, and Willingness
-any discipline can participate
-walk-trot friendly, in-hand or in-saddle

Online: $14.99CAD
Booklet: $45CAD

*prices are CAD and +13%hst*