Facility Partners

SMARTcert is proud to not only offer hands on services, but also educational opportunities for groups of people interested in learning how to keep their horse fit, sound, and healthy. It is our mission to reward facilities who are committed to increasing their and their boarders’ education through a partnered program.

The “Facility Partners Program” delivers educational classes as well as massage therapy services on an annual plan with a facility that has been accepted into the program, and in return compensates the barn owner for hosting, advertising and encouraging participation in the program to their boarders, clients or students.

Together, we can raise the industry standards to strive for correct and sound horses.

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A Senior SMARTcert Practitioner will deliver two educational classes – Equine Biomechanics as well as Equine Health & Emergency First Aid – both of which are designed to empower owners to recognize musculoskeletal injuries or areas of concern, as well as to respond to equine emergencies that could potentially affect the horse’s quality of life and career.

A suitable SMARTcert Practitioner will be assigned to deliver equine massage services as well as conditioning programs individualized to each horse. Various programs are available for all ranges of needs that a horse may have, each backed by proven success and effectiveness.

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In return, the facility owner will be compensated per registrations from a class as well as per massage therapy service. They will also be listed as a partner on SMARTcert’s website and be advertised on social media pages. Should the facility host any clubs, organizations or show series, we would be happy to discuss sponsorship opportunities.

Do you think we are the right partner for your facility? Apply below!

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*Recreational and competitive facilities are welcome to apply*