SMARTcert Program

SMARTcert is the first program of its kind. We are determined to go above and beyond a regular massage therapy program, and have become the first platform for certified equine massage therapists who graduate with access to proven programs for reconditioning horses from injury and lack of fitness. By choosing a SMARTcert Practitioner, you can rest assured that your horse will be worked on with the highest degree of effectiveness and standards available.

A SMARTcert Practitioner undergoes extensive training and testing, and must adhere on an ongoing basis to the high standards set out by SMARTcert. They are continuously offered additional training to keep up with scientific developments and research. SMARTcert Practitioners are under an agreement to maintain the code of ethics as well as an active status through servicing a minimum amount of clients per year to maintain their skill set.


SMARTcert offers a specialized and individualized plan for your horse’s wellbeing. Regardless of what stage your horse’s condition is at – young or aged, working or not working, competitive or recreational, we have a program that can be tailored individually to their needs.

This is the process used to determine your horse’s needs in the most effective and economically friendly way.

(Used to determine where in a program your horse should begin)
Approximately an hour and a half of time required, which includes:
*Gathering history and medical details relative to your horse’s issues
*Basic visual assessment to determine conformational strengths and weaknesses
*Visual movement examination including photographs and videos
*Basic hands-on assessment to determine pain triggers and overall body condition
*Full massage treatment
*Stretching program instructed to the owner
*Recommended program and expected outcomes explained to owner
*Written report explaining findings

Injury Rehabilitation Treatments 
(Program recommended for horses with injuries or body damage)
Four treatments are typically recommended, every other week, and include:
*Reassessments performed visually and hands-on to compare progress or declines
*Visual movement assessment may be requested again
*Full massage treatment
*Stretching and exercise program reviewed and updated as needed
*Written report explaining findings

Reconditioning Treatments
(Program designed to rebuild the muscles and physique of the body to avoid injuries from reoccurring)
Six treatments are typically recommended, once a month, and include:
*Visual/hands-on assessments
*Observing the horse working under saddle or on the lunge line
*Full body treatment
*Exercises updated
*Written report explaining findings

Preventative Maintenance Treatments
(Ongoing program to monitor a horse’s physique and detect any issues that may be returning or occurring)
Treatments are recommended every three months and include:
*Visual/hands-on assessments
*Half-hour massage
*Stretches/exercises updated
*Written report explaining findings


**SMARTcert Practitioners may charge travel fees at their own discretion**

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