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This course is designed for keen learners who are interested in gaining a deeper understanding of horses inside and out, and have an interest in maintaining horses through the muscular system. Whether you plan to do this as a new business or just for your own horses is totally up to you.


What is covered:
-equine safety and basic health
-muscular anatomy
-skeletal anatomy
-biomechanics in depth
-massage techniques (ample hands-on practice)
-assessing a horse both still and in movement
-conformation and soundness
-involving a team of practitioners when necessary (including veterinary care)
-stretches, exercises, follow-up recommendations post-massage
-theory training can now be completed online due to COVID. You will be mailed/emailed all materials, and numerous coaching calls can be scheduled to help you through all study materials

In-person training:
-you will have the opportunity to complete multiple assessments, massage treatments, and practice all massage techniques with 1:1 coaching
-complete 5 case-studies following the course and submit for further coaching and evaluation to help you maintain your technique
-in person training is now available privately due to COVID, or in small groups
-depending on location, most often I will travel to you and we can set up at your barn and use your horse(s) or a mixture of horses that might be available with permission. If this is not an option, I can arrange for you to travel to me and use a client’s stable and a variety of horses.
-2-3 days is recommended for the in-person training, after all theory training is completed

If you are planning to pursue a business in massage therapy, it is recommended that you also take the “building a business unit” (BBU), which covers:
-building a network with other practitioners
-providing a client recommendations, stretches, and exercises (exercises are included with curriculum)
-building a business foundation
-business development (advertising, marketing, & more)
-includes a listing on SMARTcert Canada’s website
-additional cost for the “BBU” is $69.99

Investment: $2200


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