SMARTcert Canada Youth CEMT Program

“I became a CEMT at the age of 17, and I was grateful to have the avenue available to follow my passions and pursue my dreams. I am proud to be able to empower young equine enthusiasts now with the same opportunity, knowing that it also benefits horses in the long run
-Melissa Caccamo, program coordinator

The Course

Take a look at all of the details – the course outline, price, and what is included. This program has been designed specifically for ages 13-17.


Our training schedule stays busy but we have space for you. Start studying the day that your registration is complete while you wait for your theory package to arrive.


Your question might have been asked before. If not, submit it and we’ll get back to you or book a Q&A session if you have lots to ask! Start by checking the FAQ section.

“Melissa is very knowledgeable with respect to the field of equine massage therapy, both from a “feel good” perspective for the equine client, as well as in terms of sports therapy for performance horses.  She teaches the importance of examining equine conformation as it relates to form vs function, and how to identify existing as well as potential issues which may become relevant when caring for the horse from a therapist‘s point of view as well as that of an owner.
Although some of the theory content of the course is complex, Melissa is able to teach in very simple and understandable terms.
Her love for horses and animals is evident.  She has a calm, quiet manner.”
-Katherine VanBoekel