The SMART solution for horses and owners


SMARTcert Canada offers exceptional skill training and education for equine enthusiasts seeking certification in equine massage therapy.

We cater to any type of learner and pride ourselves on the testimonials and reviews capturing how students were able to apply the course material directly to their massage therapy business and become successful right after graduation

Who is the main instructor:
Melissa Caccamo has been a certified equine massage therapist since she was 17, and has spent a good portion of her career teaching classes and speaking at events.

Melissa’s patience and qualified abilities with horses extends as well towards her students when teaching and helping them to understand and appreciate each horse that they work on.


2010 – EquiSMART is founded
2016 – Intro to Massage Course Developed
2017 – services offered nationally across Canada
2018 – SMARTcert Canada Course developed + launched
2019 – MRP Program tested + launched
2020 – SMARTcert Training offered privately
2021 – SMARTcert Canada training opened to Western Canada
2022 – SMARTcert Canada Training opened to Eastern Canada
2022 – SMART Stretching Program Released
2023 – SMARTcert Canada rebranded
2023 – 4C programs released

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