SMARTcert Canada Practitioner Program

Course cost:

Spring Sale:
$300 discount

The SMARTcert Canada Practitioner Program is a self-paced course that is always open for application & registration. You can study and graduate at your own pace (as quick as 30-45 days or as long as you’d like), and receive 1:1 support as you go.

Whether you plan to open a business upon graduation or maintain your own herd of horses is totally up to you – this course is perfect for both.

What Is Covered:

-equine safety and basic health
-muscular anatomy
-skeletal anatomy
-biomechanics in depth
-massage techniques (ample hands-on practice)
-assessing a horse both still and in movement
-conformation and soundness
-involving a team of practitioners when necessary (including veterinary care)
-stretches, exercises, follow-up recommendations post-massage
-2023 – Updated & Revised materials!

In-Person Training:

-1:1 coaching
-you will have the opportunity to complete multiple assessments, massage treatments, and practice all massage techniques
-style of teaching is catered directly to your needs
-2 days required to complete your hands-on training, with the option of additional days
-complete 5 case-studies (massages completed independently) after finishing your hands-on training. Submit the assignment online to obtain your certification!

Also included:
Building a Business Booklet (CEMT Business Building Guide)

-registering a business 
-beginning your social media channels
-growing a network with other practitioners
-building a business foundation
-business development
-advertising, marketing and more
-connecting with your potential clients
-includes a listing on SMARTcert Canada’s website

4 equine exercise programs & SMARTcert Canada Equine Stretching Program

-each of these programs are available first in student copies for learning purposes
-once you are certified, you can retail each of these programs to clients & customers to earn extra income
-provide more complete care packages to clients and their horses with these programs


-library of book resources available to download (worth over $3000 of dollars in collective value)
-muscle anatomy & myology study cards
-products available to retail to clients upon graduation (new products always in development)
-ongoing support and access to alumni group
-weekly additional worksheets and supplemental material added to online study resources

Melissa Caccamo
Your Instructor

Melissa has been a CEMT since 17 years of age and has been coaching lessons and passing along her education just as long. Throughout her years as a CEMT, Melissa knew that she would someday like to teach other people how to massage, and now spends her time teaching across Canada.

Helping new entrepreneurs reach as many horses as possible makes Melissa incredibly happy and fulfilled.

“I was in awe of Melissa’s extensive knowledge of massage therapy and of horses in general. I can’t thank Melissa enough for being such an amazing instructor and ongoing mentor and for my newfound knowledge”