Educational Products

SMARTcert Canada offers choices of educational Products and Materials to compliment the work that you already do with your horse. You can find these products here or through any participating SMARTcert Canada Practitioner.

SMART Stretches Program

Includes 18 Stretches Commonly Targeted & Assigned by SMARTcert Canada Practitioners
Instructions, Images and Video resources included for each SMART Stretch
Glossary and informative SMART material about Stretching included
See reasons why your horse may require each SMART Stretch and what the benefits are

ONLINE VOL: $14.99
PAPER VOL: $49.99

SMARTcert Multidiscipline Reconditioning Program

10 Exercises, 16 week exercise program
Helps your horse improve Power, Strength and Stamina
Walk or Walk-Trot and can be done in-hand or in-saddle
Part of a future 4-part exercise program series – Check Back for other Programs!

ONLINE VOL: $14.99
PAPER VOL: $49.99

Muscle Anatomy & Myology Study Cards

25 Coloured Cards isolating muscles that are commonly affected by work & exercise
Each card isolates one muscles and includes indications of issues that a horse may show
Ideal for bodyworkers, beginners, coaches, students, trainers, – ANYONE & EVERYONE

PAPER VOL: $19.99

*paper volumes have shipping added to final price*

*prices are CAD and +13%hst*