SMART Equine Educational Products


SMART Stretching Program

A complete stretching program with photos, instructions, and a guide to choosing the right SMART stretches for your horse


Muscle Anatomy & Myology Cards (Set 1)

25 coloured cards featuring a SMART muscle each, indications of what happens when these muscles are sore or injured, and other key information


Muscle Anatomy & Myology Cards (Set 2)

Coming Soon!


SMART C Exercise Program – Core

8 exercise program ideal for horses who have not been in regular exercise, are returning from injury or time off, or are in need of stabilizing & strengthening


SMART C Exercise Program – Correct

8-exercise program ideal for horses who are in routine work and have self-imposed limitations caused by errors in movement, restrictions in biomechanics, flexibility, etc.


SMART C Exercise Program – Condition

8-exercise program ideal for horses who are increasing their strength, power and stamina through regular exercise and discipline demands that are progressively difficult


SMART C Exercise Program – Connect

8-exercise program ideal for horses who have achieved consistent levels of focus, willingness and softness and are ready to learn or relearn advanced fundamental activities required for most disciplines

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